The Rules, Are they all the same?

For a few months now, I've searched the web and spoken with a few managers at stores trying to find some answers to questions. I ended up even more confused. Once I began to read other forums, I noticed that others' had questions like mine, similar to mine, and also some others that seemed to be a fairly common unanswered question.

So began the hunt...
I spent a good deal of a day writing and rewriting a list of questions and hunting down e-mails and sites of where I could send my questions to. There are so many different levels that are involved with coupons that it seemed silly to send the questions to only one group. Think about it. There's a process involved with coupons that start from the creation of them, all the way to redemption. When we hand them over at the register, there are still steps left in the cycle.

I created three specific categories for those that I decided to e-mail: Manufacturers, Stores, and 'Others'. I even came across the Association of Coupon Professionals. I never knew such a thing existed before my search. They even hold Regional Coupon 101/102 Information Seminars and Industry Coupon Conferences. Call me a 'nerd' if you wish, but these events truly sparked my interest and curiosity. 

It's been a week since I've sent out the e-mails. Although I haven't received the answers to all of my questions, I think there has been a surprising amount of replies thus far. I know that it's impossible for every company to respond to each e-mail they receive, which is why I am very thankful for those who have replied. I am not including the entire e-mail from each company, main points that differ from others and other facts that stand out will be listed as well as a link to each site. I will add more to this list as I receive responses.

Festival FoodsHave one in the area? Are you a customer at times? Make sure to check out their website! I love the amount of variety they have available for customers and the occasional visitor. A few of the great features are: Health & Wellness, Online Ads and Coupons, Recipes, their Mission, Vision, Values. I also love the fact that Festival Foods works with Upromise, which is a wonderful benefit The e-newsletters are sent out on a regular basis which include notifications to coupons and weekly sales!

  • B1G1 coupons cannot be stacked with B1G1 sales. It is necessary to purchase one at the stated price before receiving one for free.
  • Does not allow stack of two manufacturers coupons (as in scenario #2 and the first part of scenario #3).
  • Does not accept competitor coupons (those that have other retailer logos), including cases where it is stated manufacturer's coupon.
  • The value shown on the coupon cannot exceed the price of the item.
  • Check your internet coupons. One's that are $3 or higher, or for free items or buy one get on free are not accepted. 
  • Only accepts Target-issued (commonly found on their site) and manufacturer-issued coupons.
  • Can stack coupons if using one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon. Make sure to check restrictions that are stated on the coupons, Target will not allowing stacking if the coupon prohibits it.
  • Will adjust the coupon value so that it is equal to the price of the item.
  • Does not honor competitor coupons.

  • Does not accept competitor coupons.
  • The number of items in a transaction must equal or exceed the number of manufacturer coupons, Walgreens coupons, and Register Rewards manufacturer coupons.
  • Be aware of your state laws, some require that sales tax must be paid (including when purchasing an item with a 'free' coupon).
  • Coupon redemption can not exceed the value of the item. Employee's/Cashiers will adjust the value to equal the selling price.
  • Can stack one manufacturer coupon and Walgreens coupon per item, unless coupon states otherwise. (Remember coupons must equal items when checking-out)
  • Multiple identical coupons may be used for multiple qualifying items as long as there is enough stock available, and there are items left for other customers, unless a limit is specified. *Management reserves the right to limit the quantity purchased.*
  • Two coupons may be used on featured buy one get one free promotions, unless the purchase will go below zero. *Sales tax must be paid when required by state laws.*
(For those that do not have a copy of the Walgreen's Coupon Policy, I was sent a copy and can forward it when necessary. It is helpful to have along and does state: "Any coupon offer not covered in these guidelines will be accepted at the discretion of Walgreens management.")

Dollar General - Sign up for the promotional discounts and offers they have available by clicking on the "Join the Savings Zone" from their main page.

  • Coupons must have a scan-able barcode.
  • Coupons must have an expiration date, clearly state "Manufacturer's Coupon" or "Dollar General Store Coupon", and must be an original coupon.
  • Does not accept coupons that do not scan or have invalid promotional codes.
  • Does not accept internet printed 'free' item coupons - Does accept B1G1 coupons where a purchase is required.
  • Allows stacking of Dollar General Coupons along with Manufacturer coupons


  • Reimburse retailers/stores for the full face value of the coupons that they redeem (including the handling fees).
  • Retailers may develop their own policies regarding redemption, as long as it doesn't go against restrictions that are listed on the coupon.
  • Can redeem no more than four identical coupons in a single shopping trip. (For example: At checkout, you purchase six Dawn dish detergents. You may only use four of the P&G Dawn dish detergent coupons.)
  • Does NOT: authorize or issue internet printed coupons, issue or send coupons through e-mail, distribute coupons via PDF, authorize the sale of coupons.

  • Reimburse retailers for the face value of each coupon.
  • Each coupon has a cash value of 1/20th of a cent.
  • States "do not double" on coupons, which was ultimately done by the request of retailers.
    • An interesting fact that they shared: "When coupons are doubled, the manufacturer pays for the coupon value (face value) and the retailer picks up the cost of doubling."

     ~No responses as of yet.~

TLC's Extreme Couponing. What's they're opinion on it?

  • "If coupon use increases the overall sales of the store this will be a win – win for Festival and shoppers alike.  Increased traffic and sales means we are able to grow our product selections and more aggressively price sale items in our stores.  It is important to note than many of the shoppers in TLC’s program shop stores that have double coupon offers/days.  Festival does not offer coupon doubling." ~ Festival Foods, Customer Care Manager
  • "Limiting quantities (of coupons used) will benefit consumers by protecting against stock depletion, and protect retailers from coupon fraud and other inconveniences." ~P&G Representative

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